Ripple CEO refuses to fund law firm to target organizations

  • The SEC is suing Ripple, arguing that XRP is a “guarantee.”
  • It was reported that Kyle had approached the CEO to become an angel investor.

Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, publicly denied the allegations made by the reported Crypto Leaks. According to allegations, Garlinghouse was financed Kyle Roche In order to change the outcome of SEC litigation and to wreak havoc on other crypto companies.

It is alleged that Kyle Roche started Roche Friedman, which has a partnership agreement with Ava Labs. She said they are associated with the law firm of Boies Schiller Flexner. The SEC is suing Ripple, arguing that XRP is a “guarantee.” The latter company represents Ripple in this case.

Industry litigation expert

According to the report, Garlinghouse decided to start his own legal business after hearing a recommendation to do so from Kyle. This group will be experts in litigation in the crypto industry. This will be handled in the same way as the lawsuit against Ripple and could target other companies.

It has been reported that Kyle has contacted the CEO of Ripple about becoming an angel investor in the company. Thus, Garlinghouse gave his consent to this arrangement. Moreover, this happened despite the fact that the CEO of Ripple predicted a decrease in such lawsuits.

The CEO of Ripple addressed the allegations in a series of tweets on Twitter. When asked about the authenticity of the report, Garlinghouse claimed he had no idea. He emphatically said that he had neither spoken to nor seen Kyle Roach before.

Moreover, the whistleblower said that buying Ripple’s Garlinghouse and supporting Kyle Roach would not protect the latter from SEC prosecution. The article continued by saying that Emin Gün Sirer should be concerned about the legal action that is now being taken against the blockchain company.

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