Solana CEO announced that there is nothing going on in the cryptocurrency market

  • Solana has suffered a total of seven attacks since its launch.
  • The auditors even encountered 10 million packets per second.

Solana CEO and co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko expressed concern that network outages are the main challenge in Solana’s network. in Interact with RealVision’s Raoul Pal On September 2, Anatoly showed this concern.

Solana has had a total of seven assaults since its launch, the longest being 42 hours. All crashes were due to spam events and the inefficiency of the validator in handling transactions during the network’s optimal period.

Anatoly Yakovenko says:

“This is the biggest challenge we face, and probably the one I would love to take on because of all these challenges coming because we have users in the chain on a daily basis.”

Biased comparison with Solana Blockchain

Anatoly’s comments in the interview highlight his thoughts on the unfair comparison that exists in the cryptocurrency market. The same flaws are depicted and depicted differently on different blockchains. Users are accepted 2 hours downtime in BTC but the same scenario in SOL is not acceptable.

Anatoly also says:

“Once a faster network is built, the failure case is different from the failure case for something like Bitcoin or Ethereum.”

Peak day SOL sees 65 million transactions representing one tenth of the Bitcoin smart chain and one thirty of the Ethereum network. The auditors encountered up to 10 million packets per second of transmission crashes.

The CEO of SOL also believes that this challenge keeps them in the game, congestion and outbreaks due to the huge amount of user traffic on the network. It is also a rough comparison of the number of daily transactions between Solana, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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