Terra LUNC Price Goes Up 13% Amid Massive Burn and Upgrade

  • Members of the Terra Classic community have reportedly burned 3.08 billion tokens.
  • The upgrade is scheduled around 08-26-2022 at 22:00 UTC.

Since the Burning Community Campaign has grown, the value of LUNC has increased by 13%. Luna Classic (LUNC) and UST Classic (USTC), two tokens in a file Tera The ecosystem, has been the subject of a lot of controversy lately. Tokens, and LUNC in particular, have attracted the attention of cryptocurrency investors, driving up the price of the asset class.

The value of LUNC has increased 13% in the last 24 hours, 32% in the last 7 days, and 35% in the last month, according to CMC statistics. Given the recent events surrounding the LUNC project, investors have shown continued interest in the cryptocurrency, making this possible.

Members of the Terra Classic community have reportedly contributed billions to the address of the burnt wallet according to a Twitter account called LUNC Burn. The goal of the LUNC burn campaign is to increase the value of the cryptocurrency by reducing the amount of currency currently in circulation. The project appears to be going unimpeded so far.