X.LA Metaverse revealed in detail

Cologne, Germany, August 23, 2022, Chenwire

Alexey Savchenko, CEO of the X.LA Foundation, has revealed details of the eagerly awaited X.LA Metaverse. Before an expected crowd at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, Savchenko promised an immersive experience, mapping out a vision powered by technology that will shape the way people interact well in the next century.

The X.LA Metaverse is built on the promise of a virtual world that mirrors the physical world but is easier to navigate and full of unrestricted possibilities. As a visionary in this field, Savchenko has over 25 years of experience in video game and software development and is a major supporter of Metaverse.

“It’s not a product – it’s a paradigm shift,” the X.LA CEO told a Gamescom audience.

X.LA Metaverse will be defined by the spirit of altruism, collaboration, and productivity that drives content creation. Defining a community-driven approach to engagement within the X.LA Metaverse, Savchenko outlined how these key assets will drive continued and enthusiastic engagement. In a fully 3D realistic environment, the opportunities to craft engaging interactive experiences will be limitless.

The X.LA Metaverse will put the power firmly in the hands of its creators, and with that creativity comes complete ownership. This is facilitated by provisions such as the X.LA Revenue Share Contract (RSC) that supports the contributions made by each creator. It encourages collaboration, secure in the knowledge that creators are somewhat rewarded for their output.

As Alexei Savchenko explained, the Metaverse is just a click away. No downloads, no clients to find and manage, and no updates waiting: just a single button pushes you straight into your virtual world. At the Gamescom event in Cologne, Savchenko highlighted the teaser video Metaverse is ours which shows the different pieces of Metasites (™) that will make up the X.LA Metaverse.

Watch the video here

About the X.LA Metaverse

X.LA Metaverse helps creators think and build realistic 3D environments that users can experience in various metaverses. Developers, designers, and artists from all over the world can come together, contribute to the digital metaverse in real time, and ultimately receive a portion of the revenue generated by these metavers via the revenue-sharing X.LA smart contract.

About X.LA

X.LA is a decentralized protocol that allows content creators to be able to leverage their IP so that they can profitably participate in the metaverse economy through the use of revenue sharing smart contracts.
The X.LA Foundation is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that works to change how intellectual property creators, owners, and holders generate and earn revenue.

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