Top 3 Crypto Miners, Reviewed for 2022

Today, we will discuss the top 3 most profitable cryptocurrency miners in 2022. We analyzed a variety of factors in order to make this list, including interest rate, safety, longevity, and anti-dumping mechanism. Keep reading to learn more about each miner!


LIBERA BUSD MINER is a rewards group that pays 3% daily in BUSD to its global users. In LIBERA BUSD MINER, participants earn one of the highest stablecoins in the market APR 1095% in BUSD, always earning 3 times their total deposit.

LIBERA BUSD MINER rewards you with passive income from compound interest. You can choose to keep your money parked in the system and earn interest on top of your interest, by doubling each day and getting an additional 105% weekly compound bonus. All composite processes are run automatically.

Another big difference of LIBERA BUSD MINER is that not only the first players win, but the last player gets more winning chances! Each day, the highest depositor of the day will be rewarded with 1% of the total locked value (TVL). At the time of writing, the Daily Big Depositor Reward has grown to over $6000 per day thanks to TVL’s growth. This means for the winners that their deposit has doubled by the time they enter the miner, by 4, 5 or even 12 times as we can see in the screenshot below.

Moreover, LIBERA BUSD MINER owners have the opportunity to win a lottery prize of 20,000 BUSD every month, until the end of October 2022. In November of this year, the Lamborghini Gallardo prize will be presented to the lucky owner. Each deposit has multiple chances to win the LIBERA BUSD MINER.

As a result, according to, LIBERA BUSD MINER now ranks first in the list of the largest miner locked by a total value across the crypto world, as you can see at the top of this screenshot.

2. Thorium BNP Miner

THOREUM BNB MINER has highlighted that its users can deposit BNB for a high bonus of 3% BNB daily. Everything is automated, everything is installed for you. This BNB bonus is even more attractive considering that BNB price predictions for 2022 anticipate a significant increase, when the market will move to the upside again. This prediction comes true when you look at the BNB chart of the past month.

What does that mean to you? This is what. While other investors fear or lose other coins, you accumulate and triple BNB, the coin with a strong foundation and potential, with THOREUM BNB MINER. Your BNB rewards from THOREUM BNB MINER will be doubled as the BNB price goes up! Your assets will easily multiply 6-9 times when the market recovers.

High and stable passive income is made possible through the use of THOREUM-BNB LP, because the value of THOREUM-BNB LP tends to be higher in the long run than just BNB, thanks to both the higher price of THOREUM and BNB. THOREUM is the most contracted token, burning 25% of the tokens on every sale. This is why THOREUM is one of the only green tokens growing on the bloodiest day in recent crypto history

THOREUM chart from July 30 to August 29. Source: Coinmarketcap

The problem that all current miners face is that the users who came at the beginning of the project make a super profit by rapidly increasing the contract balance from zero to the first million. Thoreum BNB Miner is the latest mining game in the industry that has been resolved by strengthening anti-dumping and anti-whaling measures to ensure the continuity of the project.

These measures include: new deposit incentives, compound incentives; Biggest Daily Depositor Prize; Maximum deposit, maximum withdrawal per day, maximum payout; time to cut off the accumulator carriage; etc.

Thanks to the larger daily depositor prize, you won’t have to worry about being the last player. Every day, the highest depositor of the day will be rewarded with 1% of the total locked value, and the present value of the prize is now more than 10 billion USD. The largest deposit was reported on August 26 at 4,499 BNB. So yes, someone deposited 4,499 BNB and got 10,417 BNB back instantly!

The smart contract also includes a free bonus. Anyone can get $22 miners as a gift at the current price.

THOREUM BNB MINER is now the world’s first Auto BNB Miner with the latest innovations in the mining industry.

3. Baked beans

Baked Beans Miner provides users with a chance to earn huge rewards. The decentralized application (dApp), created by Bake-House, is a BNB Miner built on the BNB chain.

The dApp is simple and easy to navigate, with a complex mining mechanism. Users deposit BNB into the mining contract and earn BNB back in the daily percentage when they bake the pulses. In addition, users can also earn a percentage of referrals through the dApp.

Currently, Baked Beans Miner offers users a daily return of 8%, with an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 2,920%. Users will also earn 12% of BNB used to bake beans from anyone who uses their referral links. Don’t forget that the dApp fee for withdrawal and deposit is 3%.

Overall, Baked Beans is an innovation by the Bake-House team to create a fair, secure and profitable venture for investors and users in the DeFi space.

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