Uplift DAO and collaborate to protect IDO’s launches

As a community, the team enthusiastically shared some encouraging news. It joined one of the most promising IDO accelerators from DeFi. The market is primed for turmoil, and it can be found in the launchpad and crowdfunding community that combine the vision of long-term support with the strength of a real big support base from around the world. The answer is UpLift.

The LIFT utility icon supports the UpLift launch board, which aspires to become a prime meeting place for innovative companies and regular investors.

Gains, in the long run, are possible with the UpLift platform due to the opportunities it provides for participation in the entire project, from its inception to completion. The UpLift community has made it its mission to promote the long-term success of the organizations incubating the platform and to identify profitable prospects for long-term investment.

Reasons why UpLift is a great starting point for new projects:

  • The community has a long-term perspective, as evidenced by its determination to accumulate project tokens rather than flip them over to make a quick buck.
  • The council and the community assign each initiative three phases: embracing pre-launch momentum, facilitating the formal launch, and accelerating post-launch growth.
  • As well as being only a source of funding, the communities also know how to get their ideas out on the open market.
  • Our community reach spans over 80 countries, allowing us to give every project we fund maximum visibility on a global scale.
  • Project tokens can be used on any chain thanks to our cross-chain platform.
  • Uplift’s incubation, launch, and acceleration programs are designed to help startups succeed in the cryptocurrency industry and expand rapidly.
  • Using the UpLift IDO model, tokens can be distributed more easily, which opens up many possibilities for asset management, lower listing fees, and standardized registration.
  • UpLift, built on the Binance Smart Chain, provides a secure and low-cost starting point for new users to join the network without any hindrances.

For this reason, has agreed to collaborate with these new initiatives in order to provide coverage of their IDO event, and protect users from any attacks during this vulnerable time. Among the many DeFi risk protection mechanisms, only provides IDO insurance.

Oliver Zee, Founder of stated:

“We are excited to be working with Uplift, it is an amazing project, helping many new high growth startups to get established in the space. InsurAce is here to make crypto more remote for everyone and this should extend to all levels in the ecosystem, not just focus on more established entities We are proud of our ability to add this support and protect users during IDO events.”

To give both communities sufficient time to make the necessary preparations, information about the IDO events that will be covered will be announced in advance. Our future plans include expanding our cooperation with Uplift.

IDO . timeline

Preparation: The project decided to use UpLift for the first time IDO. The group makes all the required preparations.

Whitelist registration with IDO is available to those on the whitelist.

Pre-sale – IDO starts.

TGE – IDO ends. It is possible to collect tokens purchased with cash and LIFT rewards earned through recommendations. The tokens are now available to trade on the DEX.


Each project may sell tokens only through IDO. Through the whitelisting process, the number of IDO users interested in participating can be estimated. If more people sign up, the odds of winning decrease.

A user must have a minimum amount of staking Power and pass the KYC process to be whitelisted.

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