You should be ready to buy Gnox (GNOX) at launch according to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) analysts


The year 2022 showed us that the cryptocurrency market is sometimes unforgiving. Bleeding tokens have kept investors on the sidelines while they wait for another chance to make life-changing gains. According to Bitcoin and Ethereum experts, this is the best time to squeeze in new promising projects like Jenox. It recently wrapped a successful pre-show and is fully prepared for the much-anticipated launch in August.

What’s in store for Gnox?

Gnox is a decentralized protocol that brings the benefits of growing crops to the community without any inherent risks. The Gnoxian ecosystem derives value from investors while giving them back in exchange for holding GNOX tokens. For every transaction on its network, there will be a 10% tax, of which 6% will go to treasury funds. They are invested in various liquidity pools and lending protocols to reap the returns, which are then redistributed to token holders.

In addition to the negative bonuses, 1% of the tax is also added to each wallet every 60 minutes. As the treasury grows stronger, the passive income of token holders will continue to increase. Neither the bear nor the bull market will have any effect on these accruals.

Any decision regarding the deployment of the Treasury, token burning, and other significant developments will be made in agreement with the community. Each proposal will be put to a vote to reach consensus.

With plans to offer a multi-chain complex after launch, Gnox strives to be a single platform for all of your DeFi needs. Anyone can access their investment portfolio across multiple chains with a single click. Investors in the ecosystem can enjoy complete transparency over treasury balance and corresponding allocation. Once the contract is launched, there will be no central entity controlling the Gnox funds.

All unsold pre-sale tokens are permanently removed from circulation, and future token burns can also be scheduled to keep them deflationary. The team also stands behind investing in rare NFTs that may appreciate over time and give good returns to the community for participation. With a lot of exciting things in the pipeline, Ethereum and Bitcoin experts are turning their attention to Gnox for a good long-term investment.





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