Zonda opens new office in Denmark, wants global expansion

  • Zonda is expanding its services by adding a new office in Denmark.
  • The platform recently obtained a regulatory license to operate in Canada.

One of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Europe, Zonda Looking forward to expand its services all over the world. According to the recent announcement from Zonda, the platform is set to open a new office in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen.

Jacob Lundqvist, Chief Technology Officer at Zonda, stated:

Our modern and fully equipped office provides the ideal location to focus on furthering Zonda’s technology aspirations and developing the tools needed to compete on the global stage.

Zonda intends to grow rapidly

Aside from expanding its functionality globally, Zonda also focuses on being one of the most technologically advanced exchanges in Europe. To expand technical capabilities, a group of engineers will work with Zonda’s chief technology officer, Jakob Lundqvist with the help of the Danish headquarters.

Jacob added:

As a Chief Technology Officer, it is important to use a dedicated office where I can collaborate closely with our skilled team members, especially when a lot of work is done remotely.

Besides launching the office in Denmark, the platform has already adopted major development initiatives. Zonda recently entered the Italian market, and the company also received a regulatory license to operate in Canada. With a view to global expansion, the company is moving forward with other steps, including licensing to operate in the UK and Switzerland.

The trading platform launched in 2014, Zonda, is currently going through a period of rapid growth. The trading platform offers services to both individual and corporate clients. In addition, it also provides the ZondaPay app for merchants and Zonda Academy for training purposes. The platform already has more than a million users around the world.

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